We are JuriDox

The legal supermarket

On JuriDox, you generate the legal documents that you need. By asking you clear and understandable question, our smart software generates a customised document based on legal expertise from our knowledge partners.

The generation of standard documents can be fully documented, which makes it possible to save hundreds – or even thousands – of euros on legal documents. That is the power of JuriDox. We developed this service as a first step of our mission to fully automate standard legal work.

Legal documents must evidently be accurate and complete. Their contents are therefore drafted by experts in our knowledge network. These knowledge partners maintain all documents to keep them up to date. Although we are a legal supermarket, we deliver top quality documents.

JuriDox is founded by IT lawyers Steven Ras and Arnoud Engelfriet, partners of ICTRecht. ICTRecht provides legal services in the field of IT and Internet law and became one of the important player in this field in the last decade. ICTRecht is also one of JuriDox's knowledge partners.

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