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Why do I need a privacy statement?

A privacy statement (or privacy policy) is required by law for each website that collects personal data from its visitors or users. It is an informative document that clearly explains to those visitors what you do with their data and for what purpose you use that data.

Example cases

  • You have a website where visitors can leave their information, so you can answer their questions or so they can finish their order. In the privacy statement you will indicate why you need that data and what you will do with it.
  • You have a web shop and your website makes use of cookies, to follow your customers on the basis of which you make personalized recommendations. In the privacy statement, you can specify which data you exactly store and use, as well as the purpose for which you do that.

What does this privacy statement cover?

The privacy statement is intended to comply with the requirements under Articles 13 and 14 of the General Data Protection Regulation that personal data may only be used after the persons are adequately informed about the purpose and manner such use. The most important components of the statement are:

  • The way in which personal data are obtained
  • Description of the purpose(s)
  • Security measures
  • Any disclosure to third parties
  • Cookies and tracking, as well as Google Analytics
  • The right to request access, correction and removal of data
  • Complaints

GDPR proof

This document has been drafted in accordance with the new privacy regulation: the General Data Protection Regulation, that came into effect on May 25, 2018.