Consultancy Agreement

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Why do I need a Consultancy Agreement?

As a company, you will sometimes need to hire external people to work on a certain project – whether it is the lack of knowledge, expertise or just time. This is where most organizations turn to consultancy services. In a so-called Consultancy Agreement, you define the rights and obligations of both the consultant and hiring company. This is crucial for a fruitful collaboration and to a clear understanding of all expectations between both parties.

What does this Consultancy Agreement entail?

The Consultancy Agreement on JuriDox covers all necessary arrangements for the formal relation between the hiring company and the consultant.

The key elements of the agreement are:

  • The expected quality of services from the hired consultant;
  • Duration of the consultancy services;
  • IP ownership and licenses in the work delivered by the consultant;
  • Treatment of confidential information;
  • The consultant's enumeration.

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