Confidentiality: The Key to Safe Negotiations

September 2018

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is a type of contract in which parties agree to treat certain information confidential. While the NDA is – strictly speaking – not merely used in the IT sector, it is incredibly popular among IT companies. It is even so popular that it is dubbed the Silicon Valley Handshake: In the high-tech sector, signing a NDA is commonly the introductory act upon first acquaintance.... officially launched!

July 2018

From now on, JuriDox is available for all international SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our international platform aims to offer legal documents for any jurisdiction, which can be generated and tailored by the user by filling out a questionnaire. Since the questionnaires on our international platform are in English, any English speaking customer around the world will now have access to quick, affordable and high-quality legal documents....