JuriDox.com officially launched!

July 16, 2018

From now on, JuriDox is available for all international SMEs, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our international platform aims to offer legal documents for any jurisdiction, which can be generated and tailored by the user by filling out a questionnaire. Since the questionnaires on our international platform are in English, any English speaking customer around the world will now have access to quick, affordable and high-quality legal documents.

Our mission

JuriDox was founded by the partners of a Dutch legal consultancy firm called Legal ICT ( (in Dutch: ICTRecht), a reputable firm in the field of IT and privacy law. Its founders, Steven Ras and Arnoud Engelfriet, believe in the full automation of standard legal work. They consider the launch of JuriDox to be the first step in that mission.

Knowledge partners

We only work with reputable firms to ensure high-quality and up-to-date contracts and advices. Our knowledge partners the deliver the contents for the legal documents and we provide the software and platform that generates tailored documents for our customers. This unique combination of expert legal knowledge and the efficiency of smart software enables access to high-quality legal services for an affordable price.

How does it work?

On JuriDox, you can find the documents you need by navigating through the different shops in the top menu or by using our advice wizard. As soon as you found the right legal document, you will find a description of it at the document page. If you are ready to order, you can click "Order now" and start the questionnaire. The system will then ask you all relevant questions to find out all details and requirements to generate a legal document that is tailored to your specific case. After you filled out the questionnaire, you can decide if you want to continue to actually order the document. Optionally, you can add a manual review against a fixed fee to your order or request a quotation for additional work from the knowledge partner who delivers the knowledge for this specific document. After you finished and paid for your order, you will receive your document in only a few minutes.

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